Beach Line

Have Fun at the Beach with Safe-Sea®


Sunscreen AND protection from jellyfish stings for a relaxing day by the sea


Beach Line Specifications and Advantages

  • ·         World’s first sunscreen to include protection against jellyfish stings
  • ·         Clinically proven

  • ·         Proven long-term high water-resistance

  • ·         High SPF (Sun Protection Factor)

  • ·         International patents

  • ·         Careful balance of organic and physical filters, for long-lasting protection

  • ·         Attracts wide Media and PR coverage

World’s Only Known Protection from Jellyfish Stings

Clinically approved by Stanford University Hospital (CA, USA) and other leading medical centers, to provide protection against all jellyfish stings, including the most dangerous jellyfish.
Patented in EU, USA and Australia.

Ideal sunscreen to attract positive PR & Media attention
Safe-Sea® keeps ocean lovers in the water and out of agony

Brand recognition:

Jellyfish consistently make the summer headlines. Safe-Sea® is an outstanding sunscreen combined with jellyfish protection which continues to attract much media attention at the beach


Dedicated to Absolute Quality

Whether you represent a sun protection brand, a skin care company, or a private brand, when it's your logo on the label you want to know that you are providing a product that you, and your customers, can trust.

Our in-house Laboratory and QA Department are dedicated to providing high-quality products, tailored to your needs, fully tested and regulated, and provided in a range of SPFs, applications and packaging to suit your brand. Our products have been distributed since 1999, and millions of customers in Europe, US, South America, Asia and the Middle East rely on them.

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