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  • Safe-Sea has been selling well and works wonderfully in preventing jellyfish stings. We would like 48 bottles of the Safe-Sea SPF 30, 4 oz, please 

      Simone, Fiji

  • I just returned from Loreto and handed out some of my Safe-Sea to my co-workers as we snorkeled in the sea of Cortez. No-one with the product was stung, while the people without all got stung. I looked at this before, but there are no distributors for Mexico, and I would like to take that position. 

William, USA  

  • I have been using your product called Safe-Sea® for a few years. It really does work - when swimming in the sea for several hours, during which time other people got stung by sea lice, I did not suffer from the same when using Safe-Sea. Without Safe-Sea I get stung along with everyone else. This year has been a bad one for jellyfish, and I have almost depleted my supply of Safe-Sea (I bought every bottle I could find a few years ago). 

Marissa, USA  

  • I bought sunblock with jellyfish protection about 2 years ago at a Walmart when visiting Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Since then I have been looking for the sunblock in Puerto Rico where I live. The product is excellent and I want to get it again. How can I get it?

                Evelyn, Puerto Rico  

  • I live in Australia and do business exporting surfing gear to Japan from Australia. I found your sunscreen in Japan. I tried it in the water in Australia. It was amazing what effect it had against jellyfish. I would like to import this into Australia and to sell it. Do you have a distributor in Australia? Please let me know if you have a distributor. If not we wanna be your distributor in Australia.  

             Toshi, Australia.  

  • I came across your product a few years ago after my young child had been stung by a huge jellyfish and was terrified of the water. We love the Safe-Sea w/SPF 30!!! We found it at a Bruno's store on Gulf Shores Parkway in Alabama. I will be happy to order it online for myself, but I was wondering whether you have any distributors in the southern US. If not, how do you get to be a distributor? I know of some business owners along the Gulf Coast who would probably love to carry your product. Thanks! 

Donna, USA  

  • Hi, I'm trying to discuss the possibility of purchasing some of your product for our resort. Several of our recent guests have recommended your product, and I am wondering what the best way would be to source your product on a small commercial scale for our Island Resort in Fiji. 

Scott, Fiji  

  • Hi, I live in Brick, NJ. I am contacting you because of the large amounts of sea nettles  over the past 4 years in the Barnegat Bay, Metedeconk River, Toms River, and other close waterways to the Barnegat Bay in New Jersey. I live on the Metedeconk River and it is very discouraging that my son and other children in the area cannot go swimming in the water anymore because of the sea nettles. He has been stung many times and so have his friends. I don't know why they are here all of a sudden. My husband has lived here all his life and has never seen any jellyfish here until recently. I found your product, SAFE-SEA®, in a Boat US store and bought the only 4 bottles that they had. I have been telling people about your product. I have given your website to several people so that they can order SAFE-SEA®. 

Linda, USA  

  • I have had several 'bad' experiences with jellyfish/sea lice over the past several years. I've investigated various remedies and preventions with little success. During a trip to the Caribbean (Cozumel) a couple of years ago, I encountered swarms of thimble jellys resulting in red welts over my entire torso and arms (very uncomfortable and, needless to say, not a pretty sight).
    Well, I just returned from Cozumel where I again encountered those 'vicious' thimbles. Armed with Safe-Sea, I returned with only three small welts/stings. Needless to say I'm very impressed with your product and am very grateful!
    Thank you! You can be sure I'll be telling all the divers I know about Safe-Sea.

    Sincerely, Todd USA




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